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The Six Sigma Green Belt program is certainly a requirement for all the businesses out there, along with for the professionals seeking a high-end success in their career. The certification gives the employees the confidence and skills to participate in the development activities of the organization along with business management, service delivery, design, production and customer satisfaction. Therefore, Green Belt in Six Sigma is the most sought after achievement for all the businesses and employees.

The Six Sigma Green Belt program of OTIFAS encompasses the industry standards to meet the competence. The certification is globally accepted by all major organizations and institutions.

After getting the certificate, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the most effective attributes of Six Sigma
  • Analyse the project selection effectively
  • Understand the fundamentals of DMAIC
  • Use the basic tools of Six Sigma for the betterment of organization
  • Understand the advanced problem solving techniques
  • Actively participate in a Six Sigma team
After successful completion of the Six Sigma Green Belt course, professionals will be rewarded with a certificate. This certificate opens new doors of opportunities for the professionals as it is globally accepted. You will get better career path, more job options and better value in your company. All in whole, having the Green Belt certificate will not only enrich your career, but will also enrich your organization with better profitability and fewer defects.

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