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It was a revolutionary change for the organizations when Motorola introduced the Six Sigma technique. And since that day, no business remained the same. Soon the technique became the standard of excellence and quality for businesses worldwide. Due to this reason, Six Sigma training is an essential part of every organization willing to improve its profitability and reducing the cost. Alongside, Six Sigma skill has emerged as one of the most lucrative career option these days.

Six Sigma training can be done in various forms, including in-house and outsourced. Many organizations prefer in-house training where senior employees teach the freshers with the basics of this method. Outsourcing is another option which is more popular these days due to the fact the training is done under expert’s guidance. The Six Sigma Online Training is the most recent trend these days, allowing the businesses to gain the expertise with all the comfort. Some of the core areas of this online training include:
  • Overview to DMAIC Methodology
  • Data Collection Plans
  • Customer Requirement Analysis
  • Baseline Sigma Analysis
  • Project Scope Analysis
  • Central Tendency Measurement
  • Dispersion Measurement
  • Determining Project Solutions

OTIFAS Six Sigma Online Training Program:

OTIFAS is one of the leading organizations providing Six Sigma training and Green Belt Courses. Along with the training, we also provide 100% online certification. Our training methodology is double tested for the quality and capability. We have highly advanced tools such as streaming video and shared whiteboards to make the training as effective as possible.

Looking at the capabilities and effectiveness of Six Sigma, it is never a good idea missing its benefits. Many large organizations throughout the globe have adopted this method and now enjoying million dollar benefits in their businesses. If you want to see the same miracle happening to your business, contact us for Six Sigma online training and give your business the edge that it was missing.

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