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Six Sigma Green Belts program is perhaps the most powerful technique of Six Sigma methodology. People with Green Belt are those leading from the front, and helping the organization meets the desired outcomes.

The Six Sigma Green Belt programs at OTIFAS are met with the American Society for Quality (ASQ) standards of certification. After getting the certification, you can not only get success in your professional life, but will also enrich your personal life. Enrol today and see the miracle happening in your life in no time.


Six Sigma Greenbelt Process training provide the participants with the abilities to solve complex problem, with the approach of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control). Once you get the training, you start serving as a more result oriented employee. It has been globally acknowledged that employees with Six Sigma Green Belt Certification have better focus on their work, and are capable of resolving complex problems in an easier way.

The Green Belt program has two primary tasks: first, it helps deploying Six Sigma techniques more effectively, and second, leading small-scale project within their respective areas. During the training, you will learn various techniques to utilize the Six Sigma method to contribute to the success of your organization. Eventually, it helps finding a better career path and better success.

6 Sigma Classes Training Certification is not restricted to a certain industry; it is beneficial for every business, be it healthcare, finance, manufacturing, government or any other type of service or product industry. The core benefits of this certificate include:
  • Communicating your ideas across the organization
  • Participating in business improvement activities
  • Understanding and applying the DMAIC process
  • Planning and executing projects
  • Improving the profitability of organization
  • Eventually giving your career a better success path

If you are interested in getting more success in your career, and putting your organization on the success track, being a part of Six Sigma Greenbelt Process can be the way to go. Enrol today with OTIFAS and see your career returning at the success path.

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